About us

Dalldo.com was founded as a small business and retail store in November 2020. In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, the loneliness of the worldwide people increased.

We wanted to contribute to reduce the experience of loneliness by empowering people to feel great about their sexual health and self-esteem. The sexuality and self-esteem are an integral part of life, and to which everyone is entitled. In meeting with this need, we decided to offer an international and wide range of sex toys that contribute to the best experiences, regardless of experience level and sexual preferences.

The products will also provide a more pleasurable, healthy and a safe sex life and to increase self-confidence. Dalldo is offering quality premium products for a competetive markering price. In this way as many as possible get the opportunity to experience quality products. Dalldo works purposefully to make sex toys a natural part of sex life.

With us, you shop safely and easily and we will go to great lengths to make you as a customer happy.

We hope you enjoy our site and that you find whatever that makes you embrace your fantasies and desires ✨



Our delivery time varies on where you want the product to ship.
here is a list with shipping-time depending on which region you want it shipped to:

Europe 3 - 12 business days
North America 9 - 12 business days
South America 9 - 12 business days
Asia 9 - 15 business days
Africa 12 - 15 business days
Oceania 9 - 15 business days